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Creating websites might be complex process but selecting right tools and resources, might help you to achieve your work in a simple and easy way. So, in this guide, I will help you to create a website with wordpress in four simple steps

Before moving ahead, check my comprehensive glossary section to understand some of the terminologies which you can learn and will help you to create a better website.

Now that you are aware of the basic jargons, follow this 4 simple and easy step by step guide to create your website.

#1 Get your domain name

To get your website online, first step is to have a domain, which is the name for your website. Every website that you visit today including mine, has a unique name. Domain name is divided into two parts: label and TLD. To help you understand, I will take example of my website Here skimirsh is the label and .com is TLD (Top Level Domain) are the strings of text added after the label.

With hostinger, you get a free domain name for one year, if you take their premium hosting plans.

#2 Purchase hosting

When it comes to hosting, Hostinger is my most favourite platform. They support various types of hosting services, and provides awesome features like – unlimited web hosting, affordable hosting as Hostinger is the only cheapest hosting provider and a fully certified ICANN member. You can find all types of hosting services provided by Hostinger.

All web hosting services are protected by the latest security technologies, to ensure data protection. Also, Hostinger provides you a 30-day money back gurantee, for any kind of hosting you purchase. So, either way, you are the ultimate winner smile

#3 Select platform to set up your website

By now, you must be done with both your domain and hosting and will be having access to your cpanel provided from Hostinger with your login credentials. It’s the tool developed to help you control every meaningful aspect of your hosting easily. From email to subdomain, everything is seamlessly accessible.

With clear navigation system, it becomes very easy and simple to manage our website. We will be focusing mostly on the Website part of hPanel, as in this stage our goal is to have our website created. Hostinger provides multiple ways to get our website live.

Here is a list of things which you can control from your hPanel

  • Hosting accounts
  • Domains
  • VPS services
  • Emails
  • Websites
  • Databases
  • File manager services
  • Caching
  • DNS options

This is the tip of the iceberg. These tools enable amazing features, like Git auto-deployment, static content caching, cron jobs, SSH access.

With this powerful tool you can manage, improve, and grow your website effortlessly. In addition, the technology powering the hPanel uses up to four times less memory (RAM) than the closest competitor. Making it much more lightweight and fast, without sacrificing power.

Popularly requested features are developed in-house. That way the service are offered for less – meaning the users save money as well.

Below mentioned are the popular types of websites you can develop.

  1. Blogs
  2. e-commerce websites
  3. Portfolio websites
  4. Enterprise websites
  5. Portfolio websites
  6. Educational websites

The type of websites listed above can be created with any of the options provided by Hostinger which I have already shared.   

Auto Installer

This tool allows users to get started in one click. After buying the service and setting up the account, users can install a CMS in a single click. Installing CMS likeWordPress, Drupal, Joomla takes a minute!

In this guide, we will see one of the most popularly used CMS, WordPress which you can use to create almost any type of websites.

Benefits of using CMS like wordpress:

  1. Free and Open source CMS
  2. Easy to learn for beginners
  3. Better community support and great documentation

How to Install WordPress?

To install WordPress it is very easy. Go to Auto Installer tab under Website section of the visual hPanel. You will always get the latest version of the CMS.


Credentials WordPress

#4 Install a theme

Great, you have come a long way and have successfully done installing of WordPress. Let’s move ahead with the final step of your website. WordPress has a huge collection of themes. some of them are freeium and paid. To create your website, you can use some of the best free themes – OceanWp, Astra, 

The one which I use and recommend is Divi from Elegant Themes. Its the best theme I have ever used till date and the best part is, my website is also developed using Divi. Try out Divi

Divi WordPress Theme


Finally, you have learnt various ways to create your website. Also you got some additional resources by which you can get some awesome look for your website. So get yourself online..


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