Best drag and drop page builder for wordpress

Ever wondered about making fully customized website by using drag and drop features.

If your answer is yes, then stick by the end of this post, to have the answer of dream question.

By considering your clients requirement, time restrictions, budgeting and multiple other factors you will still be able to deliver awesome website with this tool.

Just drag and drop the inbuilt features and your website is done.

Well, enough of suspense, let me introduce you best Page Builder of 2019, Elementor. Used by professionals and agencies as well.

It’s super easy to work, no coding knowledge required.

Elementor, is a Page Builder which provides you with free drag and drop features and components to make website of any variations.

It has a lifetime free version which can be installed like any other plugin available in WordPress also, if you need more features it has got you covered with Elementor Pro.

Let’s check, some of the features which makes it stand out.


You can include parts from different websites of your choice.

Social Sharing

Provide options for integrating social platforms for sharing your content in the fly.


While, this cool feature requires lot of scripting, but with Elementor, just drag and drop it anywhere you need. It’s that simple.

Google Maps

Easy to integrate google maps, with its visual API integration.


Provides multiple options like Full Width, Content Position, Horizontal and Vertical Flexbox Alignment and many more to format your content.

API Integration

Mailchimp, Facebook SDK, reCAPTCHA, Hubspot, Slack and other modern APIs support

For more info, visit Elementor official website.


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