Privacy Policy

Hi it’s Dulal here. Thanks for stopping by Skimirsh Privacy .

Well, user privacy is always a big concern for me as I myself also want my credentials and information shared in any place to be private and safe. Although, the website does not collect much of user information but I would like to advise you to read the entire privacy policy to have a clear picture.

Skimirsh is personal website which serves as a portfolio for myself apart from which it also provides user with solutions and services via blog and one-to-one discussion, and if any information is collected due to that, it’s the responsibility of the Skimirsh owner to protect the same.

The information that I collect currently from my user is only Name and Email to send the articles and post that I publish in my website and other channels like social media, etc.

Visitor Policy

Like any other webmasters and operators, Skimirsh also collect non-personal data from its user, like browser the user is using to view the website, operating system, devices, screen resolutions. This information are collected to understand the audience better, and provide better services in the long run. Skimirsh or its website owner, may at its sole discretion, modify few its policies, which should be minor without affecting its user.

Third Party Privacy Policy

As I am an affiliate with multiple brands so would like to highlight that, the website also maintains the privacy policy of various third parties. Incase, you are re-directed to any third party website via Skimirsh and provide any of your credentials, for example to purchase any product or services, Skimirsh is not responsible for the privacy policies of its third parties.

Incase, you have any concerns or question, please reach me