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CSS (Cascading Style sheet) is used for applying styles to your web apps. It provides good look and feel and also helps you for controlling the structure of your applications from one single source. Just like frameworks available in CSS we also have some awesome CSS libraries.

Before knowing those cool list, let’s first understand what is a library and why do we need them.

What is a CSS Library?

CSS libraries are short versions of  CSS frameworks with limited features, but focused on achieving some specific set of requirements. File sizes for these libraries are very less unlike CSS frameworks.

CSS library vs CSS framework

CSS Library
CSS Framework
Mostly aims to achive specific task More robust with multiple UI components
File size is low Higher file size, also needs adding supporting files at some time
Libraries can be added in any part of your code You need to write code within the framework guidelines
Easy to learn an use Easy to use, but steep learning curve
Completely free to use Some are free and paid

In this list, you will find some of the best lightweight css libraries that you can try in your next web projects. Among these some of them I have personally used in my projects and they have tremendously helped me to complete my work sucessfully.


Developed by Daniel Eden, animate.css is my favourite stop point when I have to apply any CSS 3 animation in my projects. Its an animation library, which is fully cross-browser supported. If you are not sure where to apply it, try out in some of these areas of your project – emphasis, home pages, sliders, and attention-guiding hints.  Visit my tutorial on how to use animate.css


Another favourite item from my arsenal, is hover.css. A collection of powerful hover effects which you can apply in your projects without writing any css, just by adding its class and you can experience the awesomeness of this cool stuff. Its free for personal projects only. Check my tutorial on how to use hover.css

Three Dots

Its a github project, a set of  css loading animations created with three dots which made by just single element. Its very simple to use and you can surely give a try.


Pure CSS is a very small, responsive code module that you can use it in your web project. The entire library just comes with 3.7kb . The best part of Pure css which I like the most is it allows you to add your own css rules without overwriting of existing rules.

Simple Bar

Simple bar is a lightweight, easy to use and cross browser library used for custom scrollbar. The great thing which I love about this library is they does not use any javascript to create custom scrollbar, it uses pure css to style the scrollbar.

Epic Spinners

Developed by Epicmax, a simple css library for using spinners which you can use for loading animations. They also support Vuejs integration.


Developed by Necolas and Jon Neal, normalize.css is a small CSS file that provides consistent styling across all browsers. It aims to preserve useful browser defaults, normalize style for a wide range of HTML elements, improved usability and many more.


Effeckt is a collection of css animation and transition on limited UI elements.


A free to use tooltip library for both personal and commercial projects. Hint CSS is my another favourite library when it comes to use tooltip in projects.With 1.5 kb of file size and all modern browser support, its a sure shot tool which you can try out.

Vivify CSS

Just like animate.css, vivify css is another animation library which you can try as an alternative. Its free and also very simple to use.


A small piece of code used to overwrite native browser styles. Visit Rest.css


Check official website


A cross browser collection of CSS box-shadow. Checkout the official website to know more or view my tutorial on how to use box-shadow.css

Voxel CSS

A lightweight 3D CSS voxel library. Visit the official website for more info


Developed by Jonathan Shu another library of my choice is Hamburger. Instead of manual coding for creating hamburger menus, you can try out this simple library to achieve your work. Try Hamburger now.


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