Shared Hosting Plans

To place (host) a smaller website or project on a budget, there’s no better place than a shared hosting service. Shared hosting is like renting a room, or hostel – you get a spot on a server, that you need to share with others.

Why is it called “shared?”

Multiple websites on a single server require users to share resources like bandwidth. This is not recommended for larger websites with a lot of traffic. They may cause slowdowns, small projects will be right at home. If there’s a high-traffic surge to other websites hosted on the same server, the website might be slower. It happens because the resources are

By now you should be having your domain name and want to share your content – portfolio, photography, blog, ecommerce store, business website, etc. – for which you need a place to host it. Consider web hosting is like renting a place for your project. You place your website on your dedicated web server, making sure visitors can come and see your content 24/7/365.

Hostinger primarily provides three types of web hosting services: Shared hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting.

All web hosting services are protected by the latest security technologies, to ensure data protection. Also, if you are unhappy with their services, Hostinger provides you a 30-day money back gurantee, for any kind of hosting you purchase. So, either way, you are the ultimate winner smile.


Shared Hosting Plans

Shared hosting lets us offer a high-quality service for small projects, keeping a low cost!
Some of the features of Shared hosting:

  • Unlimited number of emails with premium
  • Unlimited bandwidth with premium
  • Unlimited number of websites with premium
  • Powerful control panel
  • Backups
Shared hosting is offered in three different plans: single, premium, and business. Users can find the perfect solution for their needs. No overpaying for features they don’t need. You can see the full feature list on our shared hosting landing page.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud hosting uses the power of cloud computing, combining it with the simplicity of shared hosting. Cloud technology is the latest in reliable web hosting technology. Website files are on multiple physical servers, arranged into a virtual cloud server. This provides speeds up to 3x faster than regular hosting. It even comes with its own dedicated IP address and SSL certificate.

Cloud hosting is a lot safer because files are spread across multiple servers. In fact, the speed, size, feature, and resource capabilities match a dedicated server while having major advantages over them.

Same as Shared hosting, the user interface is powered by our control panel, creating an environment that is easy to manage, learn, and grow. The back end is completely taken care of – you only need to worry about creating and growing your website.

Some of the features:

  • Seamless Upgrade from shared hosting
  • Dedicated IP
  • Live Upgrade between cloud packages (for example, from Startup to Enterprise)
  • Free Lifetime SSL included
  • Daily Backup/Snapshot of all data on the account
  • Embedded CloudFlare protection (with DDoS protection mode selection)

Vps Hosting Plans

This one is for the users who must have no less than the best reliability and performance solutions. VPS – Virtual Private Server – hosting is a service that provides powerful dedicated resources. VPS hosting is like renting an entire condo in an apartment building.

Each virtual private server is placed on a server, with multiple other VPS hosted. The difference is, that you do not need to share resources. What you buy is what you get – no resource sharing.

With VPS hosting you receive root access – the ability to modify the virtual server from the bottom up. Hostinger support a massive selection of Linux based operating systems. This allows users to maximize the benefits they get, depending on their project.

VPS hosting is prefered by users who need a lot of power, and have a lot of technical expertise. VPS hosting works best with highly technical projects. Websites with high traffic, computing power and other requirements. This includes web applications, servers, and business websites.

Some of the features of VPS hosting:

  • Dediated IP with IP4 and IP6
  • Easy web scripting and OS installer
  • Easy-to-use VPS hosting control panel
  • Enterprise level data backups
  • 100MB/s connection
  • Full root access
  • Fully managed back end